Betsy Blue

by Ava I-Wen Huang
3m04s  120’*10′ wide screen

A girl’s longing for love becomes a dreamlike urban journey into the night world of New York City. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock “Rear Window” and Pina Bausch “Vollmond”. A glimpse of modern relationships and the bizarre life of Betsy Blue.

The story is composed of three major scenes in a nonlinear narrative: the train intro to the girl’s dream world, the New York street night view, and the people in the subway. Using computer effects, camera movement and the photo collages to create the panoramic wonderland.

Music: Hung-Ping Chang
Sound Design: Gabriel Andrade
Piano Recording: Aarón Montoya
Sound Editing: Ying-Chieh Wang

The story is composed of three major scenes: the train intro to another world, the street night view, and the relationship of people, inspired by New York City.

Projection Mapping at IFP Media Center



Video Shooting for Silhouette

The Music & Sound Production

There’re two major elements in the soundtrack – music and sound effect. The music and rhythm is aimed to deliver the dreamlike feeling of this imaginary world of betsy. And the sound effect is to create the ambiance of the environment to make it more realistic and immersive. There’re lots of details can be found like the neon noise, wind, human talking noise and car passing…etc.

Screening at IAC Building