Betsy Blue

A large format animation. A dreamlike urban journey into the night world of New York City.

Finding Hudea

An mixed-media installation which tells the story of a refugee's smartphone.

Reenactment: Film Series x Readymades

An interactive installation experimenting the conjunction of films and readymades.

My Cooper Hewitt Date Guide

An APP that matches your aesthetic to the artwork at Cooper Hewitt museum.

Protected: E-Commerce Responsive Web Design

Social Clinic

Social Clinic discovers people’s potential social illness and provides prescription.

Protected: UX/UI for Corporation


A chrome extension which picks positive news for you.


Responsive web design for TripNotice - An online travel agency.

Up Foods

Freshly made smoothie & snacks delivered to the doors for kids.

Weather Map

An interactive map shows weekend getaway based on weather.


An interactive installation which collects the images of my friends


An interactive installation which plays national anthems remix.

Indie Music Vending Machine

Buying music is like receiving a gift.

Dear Sun

A sunlight-collecting doll makes children no longer fear of darkness.

Yondex Wood

A customized wood veneers company

Branding/ Printing Collection