Protected: NOGGIN Play-along video Launch

A video subscription app for preschoolers

My Cooper Hewitt Date Guide

An app that matches your aesthetic to the artwork at Cooper Hewitt museum.

Betsy Blue

A large format animation. A dreamlike urban journey into the night world of New York City.

Finding Hudea

An mixed-media installation which tells the story of a refugee's smartphone.

Protected: E-Commerce Favoriting & Shopping Experience

Protected: UX/UI for Healthcare

Social Clinic

Social Clinic discovers people’s potential social illness and provides prescription.


A chrome extension which picks positive news for you.

TripNotice Redesign

Responsive web design for TripNotice - An online travel agency

Reenactment: Film Series x Readymades

An interactive installation experimenting the conjunction of films and readymades.


An interactive installation which collects the images of my friends

Branding/ Printing Collection